Self scripts are an excellent way of collecting respondents behaviours, motivations and feelings prior to the session with the moderator. It is important to understand that this technique is distant from a more descriptive diary.

This account is focused upon the personal use of the product, brand or category in question, the idea is to let the thoughts and associations flow freely rather than to set a specific brief or agenda.

Each respondent is asked to write a characteristic account of themselves as if they were the principal character in a play or film. They are asked to write in the third person; from the point of view of a very good friend who knows them intimately, better than they know themselves. They always start the account using their first name, i.e. 'Sarah is….'.

We have used it to give us stand-alone data or as a preliminary exercise prior to attending a group or pair.

Although it is easier to see the technique working with more confident and articulate respondents, it has proved equally successful across the range of social class groups.

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