We are skilled in running single day or half-day Brainstorming sessions. As a broad outline:
  • we look to appoint a problem owner who briefs the task and evaluates the output
  • we aim to work with 10 participants from the range of interested parties, including some who are fresh to the issues
  • we create a climate that is open and supportive of speculation and experimentation, avoiding censorship by accepting all ideas
  • and we build generative and evaluative periods into clear segments of the day
We put a priority on getting the session off to the right start. This involves bringing out all of the relevant information and at the same time understanding from everybody their personal opinions and feelings around the problem presented.

To help generate fresh perspectives we have an armoury of projective techniques that we adapt, these include Role Play, Word Association, 6 Hats, Planets and Satellites, Excursions, Biographies and Analogies.

Throughout the course of the day we vary the pace and energy, sometimes aiming for quick fire spontaneity and at other times encouraging thought and reflection.

Participants will work across different syndicate groups, focusing on specific themes that have emerged and investigating all of the strengths and opportunities of the theme rather than suggesting difficulties. Each syndicate group then reports back to the main group and only after this does evaluation begin.

The day will end with a list of specific action points to be taken forward.

For more information about Brainstorming, contact:

Wendy Mitchell on +44 (0) 20 7837 7700 Wendy.Mitchell@rdsiresearch.com
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