The 'Accelerator' approach is a response to clients' needs for close involvement and fast progress in developing npd ideas. The approach can start either from a brainstorming session to generate concept areas or with existing rough npd ideas. At the heart of this approach is an intensive programme of consumer groups in venues and client workshops, for instance:
  • First stage: initial consumer groups in our viewing studio, conducted by our project team and watched by the client/npd agency/advertising/design team.

  • Followed by: workshops where we feedback our interpretation of consumer reaction and then progress on to the perceptions of those observing the groups, this leads to the evaluation of the concepts and a brainstorming session to refine those with potential and to re-develop others refining and developing concepts.

  • Second stage: two further groups to evaluate the refined/ developed ideas. These are again held in a venue, and observed by the client team (this could be the same night or staged later to suit the team).

  • Final development workshop: either the following morning after the last groups or within the next 48 hours, the team reconvenes to hear our analysis and to share in a final development and refinement session.
The object of this programme is to come up with a clear plan of which of the product ideas to take forward for market testing and to understand the product proposition(s) and consumer benefits that they represent. This work also enables the client team to write the brief for developing the communication of the positioning via packaging and advertising.

The approach generates the involvement and commitment of the range of significant parties responsible for a product launch and kick-starts this process with tremendous energy.

For more information on Accelerator, contact:
Joel Conway on +44 (0) 20 7837 7700
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