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A seminar exploring the 55yrs plus market - How the boomers are booming
1.  facts and figures
An overview of the 55s market including key statistics in this important group of consumers:
  • size of the market and population projections
  • household structure
  • levels of employment
  • wealth and ownership figures
  • interests, leisure and lifestyles.
2.  sociological perspective
Being an 'older' consumer in today's youth obsessed society can be challenging.  Older consumers want the best of both worlds - to be valued for their experience whilst maximising their age 'fluidity'.  They refuse to be defined as old and take great pride in their lifetime of experience.
Exploring concepts such as 'the valued age' and 'new adolescence' using insights drawn from expert interviews in six markets, we demonstrate how attentive brands that understand this unique perspective can be well rewarded for taking them seriously.
3.  changing roles and the media
In our 20s, 30s, 40s we acquire more roles and responsibilities - career, parenthood, debt.  In our 50s and 60s the roles change, children leave home and the work/life balance shifts.
Responding to these changes presents different challenges for different 'seniors' as they are not an homogenous group.  We explore the differences and look at how relationships with different media develop to meet a need for stimulation and connectioon.
4.  brands and advertising
Everyone knows these consumers have been marketed to for most of their lives.  So, why do 86% feel ignored by the marketing community and 70% feel patronised by advertising?
We suggest themes with the potential to inspire and facilitate more powerful brand connections and communication.  We bring you closer to the key pragmatic concerns and aspirational desires across this diverse group and suggest how to get through to them.

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