Who we are and what we believe in:
Great companies like Unilever, Nestlé and Kimberly-Clark use us for international research because of the best practice approach we’ve developed over the last 15 years:
  • We are highly skilled in moderating as well as co-ordinating multi-market projects.
  • We offer full senior involvement on every project.
  • We are committed to team work throughout the research process.
  • We work hard to achieve the optimum balance of local cultural interpretation and cross-market strategic insight.
  • We all have experience of travel and are sensitive to cultural differences.
  • We are enthusiastic and passionate about research.

How we work internationally:

We work with a trusted network of independent research partners outside the UK who share the rdsi commitment to rigorous analysis, insightful thinking and enthusiasm for their work.

We have strong relationships with our research partners built over many years. We pick and choose the researcher most suited to each project and they help us to go the extra mile.

We go to each market, brief the local moderator and view at least half of the fieldwork. Viewing the fieldwork enables us to add depth and value to the moderation and analytical process.

We conduct a one-day working meeting with our local research partners in London after all fieldwork. This is an invaluable day of analysis to ensure we get to the depth necessary to deliver true international solutions.

We invite our clients to participate in these working meetings to get closer to the consumer issues and provide a marketing perspective as research progresses.

Where we work
Europe (Western, Central, Eastern)
USA, Latin America
China and South-East Asia
India and the Middle East

If you would like to know more about International Research at rdsi, please contact:



or on +44 (0) 207 837 7700
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