'five-16yrs' can help you to answer your specific research issues AND become immersed in children and their world!

'five-16yrs' is a continuous research programme amongst children of 5-16yrs. Every year we conduct 1,200 questionnaires in schools across the country and 16 qualitative sessions in various locations; in home, in stores, on the computer, with friends or family. This includes ethnography (observation) in home, schools, youth clubs, discos and just being 'out and about' with kids.

We also keep in contact with children via an email panel, a methodology especially suited to understanding kids and technology, but also suitable for product trial and current issues in the media.

Just some of the issues we cover include:
  • kids media and viewing habits 
  • attitudes to media 
  • the promotions they enjoy 
  • the internet and mobile communications 
  • new trends / social culture  
  • money and where it's spent 
  • ambitions and aspirations etc...
There are a number of ways in which clients can tailor and buy in to the research. and there are opportunities to feed in specific questions to both qual and quant sessions

'five-16yrs' has recently teamed up with our research partners in France and Italy and Germany to provide the same information, whilst still being able to input client specific issues.

If you would like to know more about 'five-16yrs' please contact:
Laura Fitch: Laura.Fitch@rdsiresearch.com
Or call +44 (0) 113 243 7949
Jenni Welling: Jenni.Welling@rdsiresearch.com
Or call +44 (0) 207 837 7700

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